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Choosing Your Ranch Vacation Destination: What You Need to Know

To be able to have an unforgettable ranch vacation, you need to go to the best ranch resort you can find. But how do you identify the best ranch resort from the rest considering all ranch resorts are marketed as the best? Well, to help you get started, here is what you need to know about choosing your ranch vacation destination.

1. What experience are you looking for?

Although most ranch resorts offer similar experiences, there are notable differences between different resorts. For instance, some ranch resorts may specialize in horseback riding while others offer generalized activities. If you want a ranch vacation solely for horseback riding, you should consider a resort that specializes in such an activity. Such ranches will have the best horses, horseback riding equipment, guides, programs and much more.

2. Consider the location and terrain

It’s also important to consider the location and terrain the ranch sits on. The best ranch resorts are located in interesting areas with a lot to offer in regards to scenery. The terrain should also be favorable. Ranches which are located on flat grounds with little to no scenery don’t offer exciting experiences. Ranches which are located in extremely rocky grounds aren’t great either since they pose serious safety risks. It’s not safe to ride a horse on extremely rocky terrain. Furthermore, there is no need to visit a ranch resort with magnificent scenery if you can’t explore. For this reason, you should be on the lookout for a ranch vacation destination that strikes a perfect balance in regards to location and terrain.

3. Find out if the horses are owned by the ranch resort or rented

One of the most notable activities in any ranch resort is horseback riding. Considering horses are the subject of this activity, you need to choose a ranch resort with the best horses. Ranch-owned horses are better than rented horses for obvious reasons. For instance, ranch resorts which own horses have more control over the quality of horses. Such resorts are also bound to have better horseback riding programs.

4. Consider the client-to-horse ratio

The best ranch vacation destination should also have enough resources. Considering most people choose ranch vacations to enjoy horseback riding, you should choose a ranch resort that has enough horses for all guests at any given time. Ideally, you should be able to get a horse as well as a replacement with ease.

5. Safety

You should also consider safety when choosing a ranch vacation destination. Horseback riding among many other physical activities offered in most ranch resorts come with a lot of safety risks. For this reason, you should choose a ranch vacation destination that takes safety seriously. For instance, you should be able to get all kinds of safety gear when engaging in activities like horseback riding, mountain climbing, and hiking. The ranch resort should also have guides who are highly trained and skilled to deal with all kinds of safety risks imaginable.


Choosing your ranch vacation destination is easy why you consider the above factors. The best ranch resort for you should offer the experience you are looking for. The ranch should also be located in a favorable location with terrain or paths that allow you to explore safely. The ranch resort should also have ample resources for everyone and maintain high standards of safety.


Experience Life at The Ranch on a Ranch Resort

Ranch resorts offer the typical ranch experience with a touch of luxury. If you love ranches, farm/ranch animals like cattle and horses, adventure/outdoors and vacation/recreational establishments, a ranch resort is a perfect getaway spot.

Life at the ranch: What is a ranch?

Many people confuse ranches with farms. Although the two may have some similarities, they are inherently different. Farms focus on crop production while ranches focus on raising farm animals such as cattle and sheep. Ranching also requires bigger tracts of land and horses are the main mode of transport. This makes life at the ranch more adventurous.

Experiences in a ranch resort: What to do?

Ranch resorts offer ranch life experience in a luxury resort setting. This makes them perfect vacation destinations for unique, adventurous and luxurious experiences. In case you are wondering what there is to do in a ranch resort, here’s a glimpse.

1. Adventure

Ranch resorts are adventurous by the mere fact that they are set up on large tracts of land. There are plenty of adventurous activities you can consider doing in ranch resorts. The most notable ones include; Hiking Ranch resorts have vast land with ample scenery and features. In a typical ranch resort, the resort itself is usually setup on a small area. The rest is available for exploration. One of the best ways of exploring thousands of acres of land is by hiking. Every ranch resort has its own uniqueness from rivers and lakes to wildlife and caves. It’s a great idea to hike through a ranch resort with a guide to avoid missing anything. Besides offering unmatched adventure, hiking is also a great way to exercise. Scenic tours If you prefer being driven around the ranch, a scenic tour will offer unmatched adventure. Ranch resorts are built on land with unique features including scenery, so a scenic tour is a perfect adventurous activity to engage in. Furthermore, this activity requires very little effort since you will be riding around a ranch vehicle with a guide exploring everything the ranch has to offer. Photo safari Most ranches have game life. If you love photography and wildlife, a photo safari will be a great adventurous activity to engage in a ranch resort. There are plenty of wild animals to photograph in typical ranch resorts so, invest in a good camera in advance. Photo safaris are adventurous and memorable since you have the opportunity to see and photograph game/exotic animals. Scavenger hunts Ranches are rich in hidden treasures. If you prefer to discover what a ranch has to offer on your own, a scavenger hunt is a great adventurous and informative activity to engage in. Explore the ranch while following clues to find the next activity, item, scenery, animal, etc. Scavenger hunts are great for adults as well as children. They are also great group activities. Horse riding Horse riding has to be the most popular, fun and adventurous activity in a ranch resort. Ranches aren’t complete without horses. They are also best explored from the saddle like a ”true” cowboy. If you want the cowboy experience, this activity will be perfect for you. Enjoy guided trail rides dressed like a cowboy and see the ranch in the eyes of a real cowboy. Fishing Fishing is a popular adventurous past time for many people. Luckily, most ranches have natural or man-made rivers and lakes which offer ample grounds for recreational fishing. If you love fishing, you’ll definitely enjoy doing it in a ranch resort. Ranch resorts go to great lengths to preserve water bodies and aquatic life. The resorts also invest in fishing equipment. Guests are therefore assured of catching fish at ranch resorts. Hunting Ranches are also great hunting grounds. Ranch resorts have experienced hunting guides capable of helping you track down and hunt game legally. You can hunt numerous animals from hogs to deer as well as exotic animals. Hay climbing for kids This is another great adventurous activity for kids in ranches. Hay climbing is a great substitute for rock climbing for kids because it is safer and hay is found in abundance in ranches. Kids who are raised in/around ranches enjoy climbing stacks of hay bales. This adventurous activity offers kids a feeling of accomplishment when they climb to the top. Hay rides also offer typical ranch life experiences in ranch resorts. Guests have the opportunity to ride in a trailer as it gets filled with hay. If you have kids, they will definitely have a taste of life at the ranch by taking part in these adventurous activities.

2. Sports

There are plenty of sporting activities to consider doing in a ranch resort from biking and swimming to unique sports like archery. The best ranch resorts have all kinds of sporting amenities you can think off from swimming pools to tennis courts, basketball courts, archery ranges name it! You can’t miss a sport you enjoy in a ranch resort. Explore the ranch on a bike and swim to cool off. Play unique outdoor sports like archery in the safest environment possible. Ranch resorts are vast, so there’s ample space to shoot arrows as far as possible without worrying about safety risks. You can also engage in unique sports like shooting in a ranch resort. You can learn the basics of skeet shooting as well as compete with participants. Ranch resorts are vast making them ideal for uniquely dangerous sports like skeet shooting.

3. Relaxing

You can also enjoy a relaxing vacation in a ranch resort. If you crave relaxing (e.g. you enjoy limo rides like this) ranch resorts have the perfect environment and amenities. Being around nature is relaxing. You can enjoy the outdoors in a rocking chair or swimming pool bed. You can also stargaze outdoors at night. The best ranch resorts also have relaxing amenities from spas to comfortable accommodation. Ranch resorts are definitely the perfect vacation destinations when you want to relax and do nothing. There are many things to do in a ranch resort. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to experience what life is like in a ranch and still enjoy the luxuries that come with staying in a resort. If you love the adventurous, physically engaging as well as the relaxing side of ranch life but wouldn’t mind some luxury, consider going for vacation in a ranch resort.


Different Types of Horseback Riding Vacations

While there is some controversy as to when horses were first domesticated and ridden, best estimates have it at around 3000BC. Throughout history, the horse has played a crucial role, both in coldblooded warfare as well as more peaceful pursuits such as trade, agriculture and most importantly, transportation. Today, however, modern means of transportation may have ousted the horse as the people’s main ride. Sure, you won’t find too many horses galloping across the highway, but that doesn’t mean that their importance ends with locomotion.

These majestic animals interact with humans every day in a wide variety of activities such as police work, farming, entertainment, recreation, competitive and non-competitive sports as well as therapeutic purposes. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s trending, you’ll notice that more and more people are now taking their holidays and vacations in the best resorts that offer horseback riding. Not only are the tours and activities super fun and healthy for the whole family, but a spectacular equestrian holiday is the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. The best thing about it is that whether you’re a John Wayne on the saddle or a newbie to horse riding, there are a slew of activities suited for each and every person on the globe. If you’re looking for your next original holiday destination, here are some of the different types of horseback riding vacations that will definitely have you eager to get galloping.

Based Riding Holidays

Based rides involve staying or living in one single base and riding out from the center each day; returning back at your leisure afterwards. Base riding vacations allow for great flexibility in your holiday and are an excellent introduction to taking on longer trails as well. Another benefit of such a vacation is that non-riding family members and friend can stay at the base while you go for your trip. Today, most resorts that offer based riding vacations also allow guests to combine riding with fun activities like water sports, hiking, skiing, fine dining and an entire host of recreational services.

Trail Ride Vacations

Popularly known as point to point rides, trail ride holidays are horseback expeditions where riders stay in different locations throughout the entire experience. Some of the trails allow for real adventures without frills and luxuries. Most people camp out under the stars with their horses at their sides. However, other resorts take you through a variety of classy and welcoming accommodations. Such a holiday allows you to enjoy nature and the wilderness while getting a feel of the countryside.

Cattle Drives

We’ve all seen those cowboy movies where they move an unbelievably large herd of cattle through fiery plains, dangerous storms, steep mountains and all sorts of deadly terrain. For some reason, the star always seems to form a bond with a newborn calf and ends up saving it from the jaws of a deep, flooded river crossing. Now, while your cattle driving vacation may not be as dangerous and dramatic, it’s going to be tons of fun and work rounding up herds of cattle. Some ranches have big herds that need to be driven between the summer and winter ranges. The trips are usually slow with over 10 miles covered daily, and the accommodation is pretty basic (tents), but a cattle drive vacation allows for closer bonding between friends who work towards a common goal. It also takes your group back to the essentials.

Horseback Safari Holiday Vacations

If you and your friends would love nothing better than a chance to ride up close to a variety of spectacular game and
wildlife, then a horseback safari is your type of destination. Aside from the potential dangers that come with riding amongst wild animals, most horseback safaris require riders who can cope with the rigors of long hours on the saddle as well as fast-paced, exhilarating riding. Nothing compares to galloping with the giraffes, riding amongst black rhinos, trotting with the antelopes and zooming with the zebras.

Show Jumping and Gaited Riding Vacations

Horses are known to be very athletic with the potential of being professionally trained. If you are confident in your horseback skills, you could opt for a holiday that lets you explore the full potential of horses. At show jumping and gaited vacations, riders take their horses through tracks lined with hurdles and obstacles either for fun or competition. It’s quite a breathtaking sight to see a horse prancing majestically one minute and leaping like a tiger the next.

Special Horseback Riding Vacations

Today, most resorts like to give each and every person the opportunity and resources to enjoy horseback riding. Some of the people considered here are those with certain forms of disabilities that would otherwise find it hard to ride horses the usual way. Additionally, most horseback riding holidays have a maximum weight restriction of between 180 to 210 lbs. The great news is that with a special riding vacation, you can find horses that are bred to carry up to 270 to 300 pounds comfortably.

Having seen all the possible options and different types of horseback riding vacations and holidays, making your choice should be much easier. It is imperative to carry out research and ensure you know what you want before spending your hard earned money. But remember, it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Whichever type of vacation you choose, it’s guaranteed to be quite the extraordinary adventure. And of course, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture those special moments.


Taking a Family Vacation on a Ranch Resort

There is no better way to enjoy your vacation than spending it with your loved ones. But when we think of going on a vacation or even having a day out with friends and family, we often think about “normal” activities such as going to the beach, exploring an amusement park, or visiting another city.

Other than those “been there, done that” vacations, what else can you think of as a recreational activity that you and your family can enjoy?

When the city life gets stuffy and stressful, we all just want to take a break and relax in a laid-back environment. What better place to experience that serenity than surrounded by nature on a beautiful horse ranch!

Going on a ranch adventure is a perfect way to have a different and enjoyable vacation with the entire family. You and yours will be able to enjoy a broad range of fun and exciting activities that will appeal to both adults and kids alike.

The slower pace of life at the ranch has a lot to do with its beautiful and peaceful environment surrounded by magnificent animals like cattle and horses. If you want to have a different kind of fun with your family and learn new things, visiting a ranch and immersing yourself in the farm life can be refreshing since it’s something that you simply cannot experience in the city.

Here are a few more of the many benefits that vacationing on a ranch offers:

Experience a Different Kind of Vacation

No doubt about it, a ranch vacation is distinct from any other kind of holiday you can think of. If you want to experience what it’s like being a cowboy for a day, you should visit a guest ranch that will have you feeding and taking care of the animals, helping out with the ranch chores, and even cleaning out the barn. But these aren’t the only things that you can do in a ranch resort.

If that’s too much work for you, there are guest ranches that offer a wide selection of fun activities that you can do like horseback riding, skiing, river rafting and other exciting activities. Some resorts even offer spa services for guests to pamper themselves after a long day of ranch work. Since nature is well within your reach, you and your loved ones can also enjoy campfires, singalongs, and even experience the exhilaration of sleeping under the stars if you wish!

Take a Break from the Hustle and Bustle of City Life

When you live in a busy city where everything seems to move so fast, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the never-ending pace of modern life. Taking some time to slow down and reconnect with nature is one of the most rewarding and relaxing things you can do to treat yourself to a well-deserved break. Plus, those who come from the city often find life at a ranch quite fascinating.

Breathe in and enjoy the fresh air, listen to the sounds of a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and feel the calm stillness of nature while you enjoy a carefree routine of ranch life.

A Great Place for Kids

Ranch resorts are also a great place to take the kids. Not only will your children have fun with all the activities at the farm, they will also be able to learn and experience a new way of life. After all, it’s very important to see different ways of living and working that doesn’t involve a laptop or smart phone. Your kids will surely love and enjoy riding horses and feeding them, along with countless other fun activities they will remember for a lifetime.

Comfortable Accommodations

If you are planning on taking a vacation for more than a day and want to experience ranch life for several days, many ranch resorts offer comfortable accommodations to visiting guests. These can range from simple tents and cabins, to fully equipped and luxurious lodges if you don’t feel like “roughing it”. No matter what you decide, it’s always nice to wake up to the sights and sounds of a ranch first thing in the morning. Enjoy it with a nice cup of fresh coffee and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Excellent Opportunity to Meet New People

Going on a ranch vacation enables you to meet new people from all walks of life. City slickers, tourists, nature lovers, you name it. When you’re at the ranch though, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. We all have an inner cowboy or cowgirl that’s just waiting to be released, and there’s nothing like experiencing the simple tranquility of ranch life that can forge new friendships that can last a lifetime. Whatever you’re looking for, as long as you’re open-minded and willing to get out of your comfort zone, there’s something for everyone at a ranch resort!


Benefits of Horseback Riding

Before we had the luxury and convenience of cars and other motorized vehicles to get us around from one place to the next, we relied on horses and other work animals for transportation as well as labor. Today horses are associated more with leisure and sport, and not so much with work. However, some farms and rural areas still exercise a more old-fashioned and organic way of life, still using animals for labor as well as a form of transportation. Regardless of the past or present, recreation or work, riding horses has always been a prominent activity.

When you observe someone riding a horse, it seems effortless and that the rider is just merely sitting on the back of the horse making it do all the work. However, horseback riding is not as simple as it looks at all. It takes quite a bit of effort to ride, even just for fun. Equestrian sports are on a whole different level and require an excessive amount of time, skill, expertise and hard work, especially when wanting to compete.

There are many reasons why horseback riding is a great extracurricular activity to consider. Riding horses can provide a lot of benefits for the physical, emotional and mental health of its riders.

Here are some of the benefits one can get from horseback riding:

Physical Awareness and Coordination

For you to be able to successfully ride on the horse, your body, and the horse need to be able to correlate. The more the rider gets familiar with the movements of the animal, the easier the ride will be. Since there are a lot to learn about the animals’ movements, the more time you spend with them, the quicker you develop coordination and stability.

Riding with ease also requires the use of your muscles. Since horses can weigh over 2000lbs, the rider needs to have at least some physical ability to assist in handling and controlling the horse. This sport is a lot more physical than people might think.

Core Strength, Toned Muscle and Flexibility

Horseback riding requires some muscle work from the rider. Riding engages the core muscles, including abdominal and back muscles. Glutes, inner thighs, and the pelvic muscles are also used to position yourself onto the horse as well as control it. The whole body works to provide the rider balance and keep stabilized on the horse. Overall, horseback riding helps in the toning of the muscles and achieve flexibility. Positioning is essential for a smooth ride and also aids in the development postural strength which improves the overall posture of the rider.

Improvement of Body Conditioning

Preparing and maintaining the horse also requires a lot of work. Tasks such as grooming, feeding, cleaning stalls, and saddling up all need aerobic strength as well as endurance. Riding, as well as the chores that go along with upkeeping a horse, can improve your body’s strength and overall conditioning. It requires a lot of effort to handle a big animal like the horse, but the rewards are well worth it.

Mental Awareness and Exercise

Horseback riding helps in developing the riders focus and concentration. Since the primary objective is to stay on the horse and be able to control it, the rider must be aware and conscious of both the animals’ movements as well as their own. On a competitive level especially, it is crucial to react quickly and think intelligently to protect both the rider and horse. You can gradually develop natural reflexes in response to the horse’s actions and behaviors. Both the horse and rider become completely aware of one another.

Therapy and Companionship

Other than being an excellent workout for both mind and body, there are also significant emotional benefits that come with interacting with horses.  Some people create a special bond with their horses. Interacting with animals is also a powerful form of therapy. They can become a friend for those who need one. They are known to provide an individual support and comfort to both children and adults. Some people find peace and comfort while connecting with horses. A companionship can develop as the horse and person bond over time.


5 Fun Things Kids Can Do in a Ranch Resort

A ranch resort is simply a resort with a western ranch theme. In case you are wondering what types of activities your kids can do in a ranch resort, look no further. Below are the top 5 fun things kids can do in a ranch resort.

a. Horseback riding: Ranch resorts are popular for horseback riding. This fun activity is perfect for kids who are aged 8 years and above. Your kids can saddle up and enjoy fun-filled horseback riding adventures across miles of unspoiled ranch beauty alongside experienced wranglers while wearing cowboy hats, enjoy hayrides, rope a steer, etc. Ranch resorts usually offer special horseback riding activities for kids allowing them to ride and feel like real cowboys. As long as your kid meets the age guidelines among other guidelines i.e. height, horseback riding is a great fun filled and memorable activity that kids can do in a ranch resort.

b. Pony riding: If your kids are too young for horseback riding, pony rides will be perfect for them. The rides replicate horseback riding but offer unmatched comfort and safety for kids. Ponies (small horses) are smaller and more gentle. With pony riding, your kids can never be too young to enjoy an authentic cowboy experience.

c. Petting farm activities: Ranch resorts feature a variety of friendly farm animals like horses, ponies, cows, goats, mules, sheep, rabbits, pigs, llamas, turkeys and peacocks among many other farm and exotic animals that kids love to see, pet and feed. Your kids can spend time in the pet farm petting and feeding animals. This activity is fun-filled and educative.

d. Boating and fishing: Typical ranch resorts are built on or near rivers and lakes which offer perfect grounds for kids to enjoy boating and fishing experiences. You can rent a boat and go fishing with your kids alongside a guide who will help them land a catch. Boating and fishing activities are great for creating fun-filled memorable experiences with kids. This activity is perfect for kids who love outdoor water activities. This activity can be incorporated with lake swimming.

e. Western ranch events and festivals: Kids can also participate in numerous events and festivals that replicate typical old western ranch lifestyles i.e. mud pit wrestling, wall climbing, hunting, etc. The best ranch resorts replicate events and festivals popular in western ranch lifestyles with an added touch of safety.

Kids love thrilling challenges, experiencing new thing and learning in fun-filled environments.

Ranch resorts offer such experiences in a vacation setting without compromising on safety. After going through the above information, you shouldn’t have problems discovering the kinds of experiences a ranch resort would offer your kids. Besides offering fun-filled, thrilling and educative vacation experiences for kids, kids’ activities in ranch resorts i.e. petting farm activities create lasting memories. Although there are many other fun things kids can do in a ranch resort and different ranch resorts offer different activities for kids, the above information summarizes the most popular activities that kids can engage in most ranch resorts.

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