Different Types of Horseback Riding Vacations

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While there is some controversy as to when horses were first domesticated and ridden, best estimates have it at around 3000BC. Throughout history, the horse has played a crucial role, both in coldblooded warfare as well as more peaceful pursuits such as trade, agriculture and most importantly, transportation. Today, however, modern means of transportation may have ousted the horse as the people’s main ride. Sure, you won’t find too many horses galloping across the highway, but that doesn’t mean that their importance ends with locomotion.

These majestic animals interact with humans every day in a wide variety of activities such as police work, farming, entertainment, recreation, competitive and non-competitive sports as well as therapeutic purposes. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s trending, you’ll notice that more and more people are now taking their holidays and vacations in the best resorts that offer horseback riding. Not only are the tours and activities super fun and healthy for the whole family, but a spectacular equestrian holiday is the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. The best thing about it is that whether you’re a John Wayne on the saddle or a newbie to horse riding, there are a slew of activities suited for each and every person on the globe. If you’re looking for your next original holiday destination, here are some of the different types of horseback riding vacations that will definitely have you eager to get galloping.

Based Riding Holidays

Based rides involve staying or living in one single base and riding out from the center each day; returning back at your leisure afterwards. Base riding vacations allow for great flexibility in your holiday and are an excellent introduction to taking on longer trails as well. Another benefit of such a vacation is that non-riding family members and friend can stay at the base while you go for your trip. Today, most resorts that offer based riding vacations also allow guests to combine riding with fun activities like water sports, hiking, skiing, fine dining and an entire host of recreational services.

Trail Ride Vacations

Popularly known as point to point rides, trail ride holidays are horseback expeditions where riders stay in different locations throughout the entire experience. Some of the trails allow for real adventures without frills and luxuries. Most people camp out under the stars with their horses at their sides. However, other resorts take you through a variety of classy and welcoming accommodations. Such a holiday allows you to enjoy nature and the wilderness while getting a feel of the countryside.

Cattle Drives

We’ve all seen those cowboy movies where they move an unbelievably large herd of cattle through fiery plains, dangerous storms, steep mountains and all sorts of deadly terrain. For some reason, the star always seems to form a bond with a newborn calf and ends up saving it from the jaws of a deep, flooded river crossing. Now, while your cattle driving vacation may not be as dangerous and dramatic, it’s going to be tons of fun and work rounding up herds of cattle. Some ranches have big herds that need to be driven between the summer and winter ranges. The trips are usually slow with over 10 miles covered daily, and the accommodation is pretty basic (tents), but a cattle drive vacation allows for closer bonding between friends who work towards a common goal. It also takes your group back to the essentials.

Horseback Safari Holiday Vacations

If you and your friends would love nothing better than a chance to ride up close to a variety of spectacular game and
wildlife, then a horseback safari is your type of destination. Aside from the potential dangers that come with riding amongst wild animals, most horseback safaris require riders who can cope with the rigors of long hours on the saddle as well as fast-paced, exhilarating riding. Nothing compares to galloping with the giraffes, riding amongst black rhinos, trotting with the antelopes and zooming with the zebras.

Show Jumping and Gaited Riding Vacations

Horses are known to be very athletic with the potential of being professionally trained. If you are confident in your horseback skills, you could opt for a holiday that lets you explore the full potential of horses. At show jumping and gaited vacations, riders take their horses through tracks lined with hurdles and obstacles either for fun or competition. It’s quite a breathtaking sight to see a horse prancing majestically one minute and leaping like a tiger the next.

Special Horseback Riding Vacations

Today, most resorts like to give each and every person the opportunity and resources to enjoy horseback riding. Some of the people considered here are those with certain forms of disabilities that would otherwise find it hard to ride horses the usual way. Additionally, most horseback riding holidays have a maximum weight restriction of between 180 to 210 lbs. The great news is that with a special riding vacation, you can find horses that are bred to carry up to 270 to 300 pounds comfortably.

Having seen all the possible options and different types of horseback riding vacations and holidays, making your choice should be much easier. It is imperative to carry out research and ensure you know what you want before spending your hard earned money. But remember, it’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Whichever type of vacation you choose, it’s guaranteed to be quite the extraordinary adventure. And of course, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture those special moments.

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