Experience Life at The Ranch on a Ranch Resort

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Ranch resorts offer the typical ranch experience with a touch of luxury. If you love ranches, farm/ranch animals like cattle and horses, adventure/outdoors and vacation/recreational establishments, a ranch resort is a perfect getaway spot.

Life at the ranch: What is a ranch?

Many people confuse ranches with farms. Although the two may have some similarities, they are inherently different. Farms focus on crop production while ranches focus on raising farm animals such as cattle and sheep. Ranching also requires bigger tracts of land and horses are the main mode of transport. This makes life at the ranch more adventurous.

Experiences in a ranch resort: What to do?

Ranch resorts offer ranch life experience in a luxury resort setting. This makes them perfect vacation destinations for unique, adventurous and luxurious experiences. In case you are wondering what there is to do in a ranch resort, here’s a glimpse.

1. Adventure

Ranch resorts are adventurous by the mere fact that they are set up on large tracts of land. There are plenty of adventurous activities you can consider doing in ranch resorts. The most notable ones include; Hiking Ranch resorts have vast land with ample scenery and features. In a typical ranch resort, the resort itself is usually setup on a small area. The rest is available for exploration. One of the best ways of exploring thousands of acres of land is by hiking. Every ranch resort has its own uniqueness from rivers and lakes to wildlife and caves. It’s a great idea to hike through a ranch resort with a guide to avoid missing anything. Besides offering unmatched adventure, hiking is also a great way to exercise. Scenic tours If you prefer being driven around the ranch, a scenic tour will offer unmatched adventure. Ranch resorts are built on land with unique features including scenery, so a scenic tour is a perfect adventurous activity to engage in. Furthermore, this activity requires very little effort since you will be riding around a ranch vehicle with a guide exploring everything the ranch has to offer. Photo safari Most ranches have game life. If you love photography and wildlife, a photo safari will be a great adventurous activity to engage in a ranch resort. There are plenty of wild animals to photograph in typical ranch resorts so, invest in a good camera in advance. Photo safaris are adventurous and memorable since you have the opportunity to see and photograph game/exotic animals. Scavenger hunts Ranches are rich in hidden treasures. If you prefer to discover what a ranch has to offer on your own, a scavenger hunt is a great adventurous and informative activity to engage in. Explore the ranch while following clues to find the next activity, item, scenery, animal, etc. Scavenger hunts are great for adults as well as children. They are also great group activities. Horse riding Horse riding has to be the most popular, fun and adventurous activity in a ranch resort. Ranches aren’t complete without horses. They are also best explored from the saddle like a ”true” cowboy. If you want the cowboy experience, this activity will be perfect for you. Enjoy guided trail rides dressed like a cowboy and see the ranch in the eyes of a real cowboy. Fishing Fishing is a popular adventurous past time for many people. Luckily, most ranches have natural or man-made rivers and lakes which offer ample grounds for recreational fishing. If you love fishing, you’ll definitely enjoy doing it in a ranch resort. Ranch resorts go to great lengths to preserve water bodies and aquatic life. The resorts also invest in fishing equipment. Guests are therefore assured of catching fish at ranch resorts. Hunting Ranches are also great hunting grounds. Ranch resorts have experienced hunting guides capable of helping you track down and hunt game legally. You can hunt numerous animals from hogs to deer as well as exotic animals. Hay climbing for kids This is another great adventurous activity for kids in ranches. Hay climbing is a great substitute for rock climbing for kids because it is safer and hay is found in abundance in ranches. Kids who are raised in/around ranches enjoy climbing stacks of hay bales. This adventurous activity offers kids a feeling of accomplishment when they climb to the top. Hay rides also offer typical ranch life experiences in ranch resorts. Guests have the opportunity to ride in a trailer as it gets filled with hay. If you have kids, they will definitely have a taste of life at the ranch by taking part in these adventurous activities.

2. Sports

There are plenty of sporting activities to consider doing in a ranch resort from biking and swimming to unique sports like archery. The best ranch resorts have all kinds of sporting amenities you can think off from swimming pools to tennis courts, basketball courts, archery ranges name it! You can’t miss a sport you enjoy in a ranch resort. Explore the ranch on a bike and swim to cool off. Play unique outdoor sports like archery in the safest environment possible. Ranch resorts are vast, so there’s ample space to shoot arrows as far as possible without worrying about safety risks. You can also engage in unique sports like shooting in a ranch resort. You can learn the basics of skeet shooting as well as compete with participants. Ranch resorts are vast making them ideal for uniquely dangerous sports like skeet shooting.

3. Relaxing

You can also enjoy a relaxing vacation in a ranch resort. If you crave relaxing (e.g. you enjoy limo rides like this) ranch resorts have the perfect environment and amenities. Being around nature is relaxing. You can enjoy the outdoors in a rocking chair or swimming pool bed. You can also stargaze outdoors at night. The best ranch resorts also have relaxing amenities from spas to comfortable accommodation. Ranch resorts are definitely the perfect vacation destinations when you want to relax and do nothing. There are many things to do in a ranch resort. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to experience what life is like in a ranch and still enjoy the luxuries that come with staying in a resort. If you love the adventurous, physically engaging as well as the relaxing side of ranch life but wouldn’t mind some luxury, consider going for vacation in a ranch resort.

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